Music at Atonement

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Why Music?

At Atonement Lutheran School, we believe music is one of God's greatest creations, a rich gift to all people. We believe all children are musical, and music is for all children. We believe music education should be accessible and available to every child, because through music education:

  • Children use music as a unique form of communication and means of self-expression unlike any other, especially for communicating our praise and prayers to our God and the gospel message to others.
  • Children appreciate music's impact on their faith and daily life and its power in human existence and Christian worship.
  • Children prepare for a lifetime of musical involvement and service in their church and school, their families and community, and many careers.
  • Children better understand themselves, appreciate their own heritage and the culture of others, build positive personal relationships with others, and prepare to live and work in a culturally diverse society.
  • Children learn many important related skills: in visual-spatial abilities; in thinking and learning creatively, reflectively, critically, and cooperatively; in performing, listening, and interpreting; in expressing oneself orally and in writing; and in self-discipline and persistence, confidence, and willingness to experiment and learn from mistakes.