Our Instructors

Dr. Kayme Henkel, DMA
Piano Instructor

Dr. Kayme Henkel serves as lead piano instructor at Atonement. She teaches group piano classes to all 2nd grade students and offers individual lessons to students in grades 3-8 during the school day.

With extensive experience teaching for the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music, the Sharon Lynne Wilson Center for the Arts, and Milwaukee Montessori School, and performing and accompanying in recitals and worship settings, Dr. Henkel believes that everyone regardless of age or ability has a gift to make music and love music. Her goal is to help students learn the skills at the piano so they eventually can play hymns, accompany themselves while singing, play in ensembles, and compose their own pieces. Her students have used their skills both as solo pianists and to perform in choirs, jazz bands, operas, and musicals. She is active in the Milwaukee Music Teachers Association and Wisconsin Music Teachers Association in order to give her students many performing opportunities and is often asked to present her ideas and research on teaching piano to these organizations.

Mrs. Laura Gottschalk, BS
Guitar and Voice Instructor

Mrs. Laura Gottschalk has recently joined our team as Atonement's voice and guitar instructor, offering individual lessons to students in grades 3-8 during the school day. A recent 2019 staff ministry graduate of Martin Luther College, Mrs. Gottschalk has a passion for teaching music to young people. She has taught guitar and voice to students of various ages, including those with special needs, and believes everyone has a place in God’s choir. Her desire is to instill a fundamental knowledge of music that will allow children to confidently express their love for their Savior in song.

Mrs. Gottschalk has dedicated much of her life to the study of music and the performing arts, using her talents to coordinate worship services, direct choirs, sing in the elite choirs at Martin Luther College and Wisconsin Lutheran College, and write and record her own music. Her experience working with children and youth also includes many summers as both a volunteer and a paid staff member at Camp Phillip.

Mr. Kevin Poston, MCM
Lesson Coordinator

Mr. Kevin Poston serves as Staff Minister of Music and Worship at Atonement, overseeing music and worship activities for both the school and church. Within our school, Mr. Poston teaches music classes to some grades, with a focus on laying a strong foundation in the first years of school. He also directs our school Jubilation Choir, coordinates our music lesson program, and is working to build a music curriculum and program to serve all Atonement students.

With over 15 years of experience teaching in various elementary and high schools and planning music and worship activities for several churches, Mr. Poston believes that music is one of God's greatest creations, a rich gift to all people, and that all children are musical, and music is for all children. Some of his goals for Atonement’s music program are to glorify God and make God's name known to more people, to include and involve every child, to honor and reflect the heritage and culture of the people of Atonement while also broadening students’ horizons, and to prepare students for involvement in Christian worship and musical performance, and for success in relationships, higher education, and careers.