Jubilation Choir

Scholars at Atonement Lutheran School learn songs to sing together to Jesus in worship services and other events.
(Please see the 2019-20 Music Schedule for more details.)

Scholars who really love to sing, and are in grades 4-8, have an additional opportunity to be part of our Jubilation Choir. To sign up a student, please review the schedule above and the commitment below, and then scroll down to fill out the Online Registration Form for each student in grades 4-8 who is joining choir.

Jubilation Choir commitment:

  • Members of Jubilation Choir will be fully committed to our performance schedule.
    • We will add our songs to all special At One services this year and a few all-school events,
      such as our Christmas service and Black History program.
    • We will also sing for some Friday morning chapel services.
  • Members of Jubilation Choir will be fully committed to our rehearsal schedule.
    • Choir rehearsals will begin the week of Aug. 26:    
    • Rehearsals will take place two days a week during school hours.
  • Members of Jubilation Choir will be in good standing in their classroom and in choir.
    • Academics and behavior in the classroom may affect participation.
    • Behavior before, during, and after choir rehearsals may affect participation.

Again, please see the schedule to determine if your scholar is able to make this extra commitment. Please contact Mr. Poston if your son or daughter really wants to be in choir but will have conflicts with some of the dates, and we will determine together if we will be able to make choir work for them.